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Various - New Italo Disco Top 25 Vol. 8

Italo Disco Classic & New Generation Radio Max Italo
Published by in Beach Club Records ·
Tags: ElectronicEurobeatItaloDanceItaloDiscoEde
The eighth release of our italo disco compilation series with several remixes and some never previous released versions.
Produced, arranged and written by Ken Martina for Beach Club Records.
Special thanks to Marek (MaxItalo) for the video/airplay promotion
and Sergey SP-Records) for regular support.

1.Mimosa - In Love (Short Sunshine Mix) 04:42
2.Modern Boots - All My Life (Short Valerie Mix) 04:26
3.Italian Party - Summer Love (Radio Disco Mix) 03:37
4.Boy Blue - It's Just An Illusion (Radio Blue Remix) 04:31
5.Limelight - Yesterday (Radio Version) 04:52
6.Rynar Glow - Run For Love (Vocal Radio Remix) 04:08
7.Boris Zhivago - In A Land Of No Illusions (Short Dream Mix) 05:21
8.Solitario - Only You & Me (Radio Disco Mix) 05:11
9.Boy Blue - Let It Go (Short Vocal Mix) 04:16
10.Miko Vanilla - Endless Love (Radio Dance Mix) 04:01
11.Ranger - A Long Goodbye (Radio Summer Mix) 04:42
12.DJ Dr. Love - Love Explosion (Short Valerie Mix) 04:49
13.Modern Boots - Feel My Broken Heart (Classic Short Eighties Mix) 04:55
14.Tommy Sun - Lover Girl (Short Romance Mix) 04:32
15.Ken Martina - Forever (Short Disco Mix) 04:18
16.Boy Blue - Take My Heart (Short Vocal Romantic Mix) 04:41
17.Michael Rimini - Stranger In My Heart (Radio Romance Mix) 05:10
18.Momento - I Want No Illusion (Short Remix) 04:32
19.Miko Vanilla - Lady Of Rome (Compact Alan B. Mix) 04:09
20.Boris Zhivago - One More Night With You (Radio Mix) 04:36
21.Rovigo - Don't Let Me Go (Radio Remix) 04:22
22.Momento - Love Is Dead (Radio Love Mix) 04:58
23.Miko Vanilla - Goodbye (Compact Radio Alan B. Mix) 04:58
24.Modern Boots - Dream Of Love (Short Classic Disco Mix) 05:20
25.Limelight - Special Love (Short Ontario Remix) 04:24

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released March 2, 2018

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